Our story

Cigarette Covers Canada

We’re just a couple of smokers who got sick and tired of looking at the brutal images and warnings on our smokes.

First, we used coloured tape, jiffy markers, whiteout, and whatever we had lying around to cover them. Then one special day while enjoying our morning coffee we decided to give our smokes a better look.

That’s the nutshell. A better look was born.

We’re proud and passionate about our product as we believe looking at these warnings is detrimental to one’s health. They cause anxiety and fear and in turn, create health problems, that’s our take of course. Yeah, smoking is bad yada yada, we get it but the images are not helping anyone’s mental state...

So If we can give smokers and the people around them a little mental relief then we are happy! Maybe scratch off some of the bad karma we have accumulated through this lifetime, who knows. 

We really hope you enjoy our products and find the peace and happiness in life that we all deserve.